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The Event Sustainability Checklist and the Carbon Footprint Calculator can be used free of charge. The user can also generate the assessment report based on the input data without any cost. Each event and its associated data will be stored for 180 days from its creation. Once expired, the user will lose the access to this event.

Self Declaration Report

The user can remove the 180 days restriction with payment of USD9.9. This charge is to cover the cost of data storage and compensate the carbon emission of the web server for 2 years. The user can also generate self-declaration without restriction. Before Dec 31st 2022, the platform will not charge the user for generating the self-declaration.

Third-Party Certificate

To have Third-Party Certificate, human resources are required for desk review and potential site visits by third-party verifiers. The man-days are listed below: The current data rate for third-party certificate provided by GORD is USD1,200/person-day.

  • person-days 5
  • -
    • < 1,000 participants
  • person-days 8
  • -
    • 1,000-10,000 participants
  • person-days 15
  • -
    • > 10,000 participants

These costs may change in the future depending on any third-party charges.