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Event Sustainability Checklist

GET’s Event Sustainability Checklist evaluates events based on 10 sustainability dimensions which include organizational management, communication and marketing, supply chain, event management, social aspects, climate action, indoor environmental quality, energy, water and waste. The Event Sustainability Checklist leads the event organizers towards best practices on sustainability parameters and climate change mitigation. Based on the event’s performance against the checklist, organizers can claim green event certification with Green, Bronze, Silver or Gold ratings.

Event Best Practices

  • Organizational Management

    Organizational Management

    As per ISO 20121-2012, Event Sustainability Management System, sustainability of an event inherits from the sustainability practices of the organization which organizes it.

  • Marketing and communication

    Marketing and Communication

    Sustainability management is about implementation with impact.

  • Proposed Event management

    Proposed Event Management

    Each event will have specific management challenges, which are covered in this section.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    A successful event is usually supported by lots of suppliers.

  • Climate Actions

    Climate Actions

    Guidance on concrete indicators and mitigation actions in climate impact, in particular, GHG emissions (carbon footprint).

  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Guidance on concrete indicators and reduction actions in energy consumption.

  • Water Management

    Water Management

    Guidance on concrete indicators and reduction actions in water management.

  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    Guidance on concrete indicators and reduction/avoidance actions in waste generation and waste disposal.

  • Indoor Environment Management

    Indoor Environment Management

    Participants spend most of their time in buildings during the event period, whether it is in the venue for an indoor event or the exhibition site, or at their accommodation.

  • Social and Community Impact

    Social and Community Impact

    ISO 20121-2012 has considered the issue identification and evaluation of three aspects for an event: environmental, social and economic.