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For greenhouse gas reporting, it is important to follow published standards. On the market there are quite a number of standards applicable to products or organizations such as ISO 14064, the GHG protocol, or PAS 2050, among others, but there is no international standard specifically for events’ GHG reporting.

In general, the standards define how the GHG accounting and reporting should be done and its procedures and requirements. It covers how to determine the boundary and scope of the calculation, activity data collection, determination of emission factors, recording of assumptions made, calculation of uncertainty, quality control and quality assurance procedures, etc.

As of today, some organizations and initiatives are working on the GHG reporting methodology for events.

In the meantime, in order to achieve the sustainability goals of UN organizations, led by the Greening the Blue initiative, the UNFCCC secretariat and UNEP developed a calculation methodology for UN events which was later expanded to adapt to other types of events.

This methodology does NOT define the boundary and scope of GHG calculation and reporting for events, but its algorithm to calculate the emissions from different activities and sources allows for adapting to selected scopes and boundaries set by any standard.

We will continue working with different stakeholders to continuously improve the methodology.